Picky Eaters

Grow a Garden With Your Picky Eater

Yesterday I shared books that are enjoyable to read with your picky eater.  Today I will share another strategy to ease your child’s frustrations and fears about eating fruits, vegetables and any other offensive foods to the sensory system.

container-garden-1051454_1920Growing a garden with your picky eater is another way to help rebrand the foods your child despises.  This is a great activity to do any time of year but especially at the end of winter and beginning of springtime.  As a family you can plant seeds into starter trays and watch the seeds grow into herbs, fruits or vegetables.

This year my son helped me plant some basil, oregano, and cherry tomatoes.  He is especially reluctant to have anything to do with any food that is juicy or has the ability to squirt, and is therefore not a fan of tomatoes.  He is a fan of watering and observing the plants he planted.  This slow time frame is a great exposure to non-preferred foods.

Aside from the benefit of growing food at home, I also love the sensory exposure to ‘messy’ materials that my son constantly tries to avoid like dirt and water.  He had a blast playing with the soil and is willing to risk a splash of water on his clothes in the name of growing his plants.

As the plants start to take root in their starter cups, we will have another activity when we transfer the plants outside to containers and the garden. Containers are a nice way to introduce gardening to a kid because of the parameters of space.  There is an identified beginning and end spot, whereas some sensory kiddos can get overzealous in their landscaping efforts and dig up an entire yard.

What works for your family? Have you tried growing plants with your picky eater?


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