Picky Eaters

Grow a Garden With Your Picky Eater

Yesterday I shared books that are enjoyable to read with your picky eater.  Today I will share another strategy to ease your child’s frustrations and fears about eating fruits, vegetables and any other offensive foods to the sensory system.

container-garden-1051454_1920Growing a garden with your picky eater is another way to help rebrand the foods your child despises.  This is a great activity to do any time of year but especially at the end of winter and beginning of springtime.  As a family you can plant seeds into starter trays and watch the seeds grow into herbs, fruits or vegetables. Continue reading “Grow a Garden With Your Picky Eater”

Picky Eaters

Picture Books to Encourage Picky Eaters

Having two children that struggle with sensory issues leads to challenges during meal time, snack time, and . . . basically any time of the day.  It seems as though the more nutritious and healthy a food is for you (I’m looking at you broccoli), the more unappealing it is to kids who struggle with sensory integration.Broccoli (1)

Think about it, if you think something is funky one of the last things you would ever want to do is put it in your mouth.  Kids who struggle with sensory integration seem to be on the lookout for any and every possible offender that might want to find its way into a kid’s mouth.  The reason for such an increased desire is basically a survival tactic, if you think an unknown food may be poisonous, naturally you would keep it far away from your mouth so you don’t poison yourself.  Unfortunately for kids with extreme sensory processing challenges, they have a super strength ability to ‘sense’ food that may be offensive to them, which in turn leads to an increased awareness and challenge in eating nutritionally dense foods.  In other words they don’t want to eat that broccoli because their brain thinks the broccoli is going to poison them.

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